Ralliton & Team Candi implemented the new internal portal of CNP CYPRUS Group

Employee Portal: The new internal portal of the leading insurance group CNP CYPRUS

Team Candi, a member of the Quest Group, in collaboration with Ralliton, one of the largest Cypriot cloud services companies, designed and implemented a modern internal information portal (Intranet portal-Employee Portal) for the leading insurance Group CNP CYPRUS.

The Employee Portal was created with the aim of optimizing internal communication and dissemination of corporate information, gathering and organizing in one central place all common information and further developing cooperation among employees.

The new internal portal was implemented by utilizing Microsoft technologies, specifically SharePoint and Power Platform, offering rich features and functionality. Utilizing for the first time an internal Portal, the 350 employees of the organization in Cyprus and Greece, gain in a completely user-friendly and secure environment, the ability to have direct contact with their colleagues and access to updated and complete corporate information. In addition, the Employee Portal is connected to the organization’s Success Factors in a secure way through Azure, offering additional information to users, such as their licenses, trainings, organization chart and many other useful information.

With the acquisition of a modern intranet portal, CNP CYPRUS Group now has a powerful tool for managing and sharing corporate information with authorization levels and an auditing mechanism, achieving to upgrade the overall employee experience and promote information, interaction, participation and cultivation of a single corporate culture.

Manos Pepis, Technology Manager of Team Candi stated: “CNP CYPRUS’ Employee Portal is a real source of enhancing effective collaboration and resource management, setting new standards for the digital evolution of businesses. Microsoft’s choice of technologies has helped us leverage the full potential of the company’s existing infrastructure to create a secure, flexible, and high-performance application fully and securely interconnected with the rest of the company’s systems.”

Ralliton’s Solutions Director, Kyriakos Kyriacou, said: “Our transformative project, using Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Viva, has equipped CNP CYPRUS with an advanced corporate network. This powerful solution not only increases productivity, but also promotes seamless collaboration across the Group, enhancing communication channels and promoting increased user engagement. In this way, strengthening CNP CYPRUS’ position at the forefront of productivity and connectivity in their industry.”

Eleni Psillidou, Human Resources Director of CNP CYPRUS commented: “Our new Group Employee Portal offers a fast and efficient basis for communicating with all members of our Group staff in Cyprus and Greece, through a renewed and enjoyable user experience. The first impressions and comments of the staff members are indeed encouraging and very positive. We look forward to further utilizing the Portal through the new possibilities offered to us, such as conducting internal surveys (polls), publishing new interactive material, etc. »

Leonidas Mouskos, Group IT Manager of CNP CYPRUS stated: “We are excited to present this new technological application, a testament to our commitment to providing our employees with the best tools to work. CNP Cyprus continues to invest in new technological solutions to empower its human resources. The choice of SharePoint platform is also a demonstration of our commitment to promote a flexible, dynamic and efficient workplace. This cutting-edge platform not only enhances communication and collaboration, but also allows employees to connect, share ideas, and work seamlessly.”