Cloud computing is on the rise, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) emerging as the clear winner in the sector, currently holding over than 40% market share. As the leader in the industry, AWS offers a wide variety of services and options for every enterprise and its digital needs. 

With the pandemic driving companies to digitalization, cloud computing is now more popular than ever.  

Ralliton has achieved the highest Amazon Web Services partner status in Cyprus, that will help customers take full advantage of all AWS services and elevate their business. The partnership enables the government and private sector companies to accelerate their cloud journey via secure cloud technology and robust cost-optimisation services. 

The push for digitalization of Cyprus and the importance of Amazon Web Services can be seen through the recent Memorandum of Understanding that has been signed between the two sides. The MoU aims at supporting the modernization of state infrastructure and speeding up the adoption of cloud services in the Cyprus public and private sectors.  

Cyprus’ collaboration with a global leader in cloud services, provides a unique opportunity to boost the transition to the cloud, an integral part of the country’s digital agenda and a key lever in advancing its posture as a regional tech and data hub.  

Ralliton’s status as an official AWS partner in Cyprus, Greece, and Malta, with 5 certified consultants, will be critical for any business willing to take the leap into the digital era. With a wide number of services covering from planning to migration and managed services, Ralliton guarantees the implementation of the best practices to meet the demands of any client. 

Millions of customers are using AWS to lower costs, become more agile and innovate faster. 

All the big tech giants and software development companies such as Samsung, Netflix and Adobe, use AWS services for their cloud computing needs. Ralliton’s partnership with AWS enables both public and private sector to accelerate the implementation of secure cloud technologies, bundled with robust cost-optimization services. 

What’s stopping your business to join the cloud?

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