Microsoft Windows Migration Services with AWS

Ralliton is your cloud migration partner. Working together with your IT Team or with Ralliton’s fully managed services migration team to ensure a smooth, efficient cloud transition. Since every organization has different needs, we provide tailored migration and adoption services for Small Businesses to Enterprise organizations.

Benefits of our Microsoft Migration Services


We provide TCO calculations for adoption of cloud services

Cloud Roadmap

Building of your business digital journey to cloud services

Migration Services

Migration of Windows Servers and Applications to AWS EC2

Granular data consistency

Adherence to aggressive RTO/RPO requirements

Superb service levels

RPOs measured in seconds and RTOs measured in minutes – guaranteed SLA of 4 hours

Built-in failback functionality

Simple post-DR return to business as usual helps you get back to normal after a disaster

Ransomware protection

Point in time recovery to consistent pre-attack points

Cost Control

Optimization of cloud services for cost control and performance.

How we guarantee success for your business?

 Our strong foundations and experts with AWS enable us to provide you with optimized migration services.

  • AWS Advanced Tier Partner
  • Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery Partner
  • AWS Server Migration Service Delivery Partner 
  • Expert Team of Cloud Architects and Cloud Operations

Ready to get a best solution for your business?

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