AWS Jumpstart for Startups

The AWS Jumpstart Program is designed to support startups that have an identified need for strategic services with the end goal of helping startups that already see the value in adopting specific AWS services but have limited technical knowledge or resources. 

Benefits for Startups
AWS Jumpstart Program

AWS Funding

Co-investment to support financial and professional services


Consulting Services

Provide hands-on technical resources and strategic service adoption

Case Study with AWS

Work with customers to develop public case studies and accelerate goto market.

Expert Partner Support

Ralliton technical and business expertise for deployment of services

Services supported under Jumpstart program?


Services that allow reimbursement are as follows:

  • Analytics All Analytics Services
  • All Machine Learning Services
  • Container Services (ECS, EKS family (EKS distro, EKS Anywhere, EKS) and AWS Fargate 
  • All –Non Relational Databases

What Can RALLITON Do For Your Startup?


Our strong foundations with AWS enable us to provide you with optimized cloud adoption services.

  • AWS Jumpstart Partner focusing on startups
  • Financial support for cloud consumption
  • Access to an expert team of cloud architects for services adoption 
  • Provide technical services from the design phase to the deployment

Ready to accelerate your startup?

Contact us today to find out more information on the AWS Jumpstart program and how AWS and Ralliton help you.