Our learning tools turn Office 365 into a complete platform for education

Give your school a boost with learning tools that is built to handle future needs.

A complete solution for school life. You get a flexible digital workflow, support for planning, effective assessment practice tools and easy school-home communication, and so much more – all in one place.

We make Office 365 into a complete platform for education

When using the tools developed by Skooler, you will also use relevant functionality in familiar Office 365 tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Teams.

Why Moodle in Teams

In learning institutions where Moodle and Teams are both important parts of the strategy for the virtual learning and working environment, The Moodle App for Teams unites the two.

We make it easy for you!

One of the most important things a teacher can do is spend as much time as possible in the classroom with the students. This is where learning happens! Skooler saves teachers time which provides teachers more opportunities to instruct, motivate and facilitate understanding across subjects. Skooler has tools that will help you as a teacher- by spending less time on administration and repetitive tasks.

Tools for school made for you

Skooler consists of a number of useful tools for the following user groups: Teachers, students, guardians and school administrators. You are provided access to certain tools based on the type of user you are, which are then made available in both a web-based portal and in an app.

Get information about your child and communicate quickly and easily with the teacher.

  • See and view the status of the assignments
  • Get an overview of grades
  • Receive feedback when the assignments are corrected
  • Easy access to planning and schedules
  • See status/overviews of student conversations

Increase time with students.

Skooler allows a teacher to easily integrate modern technology into their teaching. Thus, the teacher can spend more of their valuable time in the classroom guiding students as opposed to dealing with technical challenges.

Create tests and assignments in record time.

You also don’t have to spend time correcting tests as Skooler offers self-correcting tests. In addition, students can do both partner evaluations and self-assessments.

Find all your assets.

Discover all of your web and network assets and easily import all the assets that you already know. The proven scanning engine of Acunetix 360 provides the most comprehensive results in the industry and delivers them at an unbeatable speed. In just a matter of hours you’ll be able to see real risks associated with your entire organization’s web presence.

Everything together in one place.

We have made it possible to do assessment work within familiar Microsoft tools such as Word and PowerPoint. Evaluating progress is now simple and time-saving.

Communication between home and the school is now possible with just one tool.

With Skooler SMS, all the functions you may have previously had using different suppliers can be combined.

Good communication between the school and home requires good and effective communication solutions. You get that with Skooler.