Retail & Manufacturing

RALLITON is an award-winning managed cloud services company focused in the areas in of Cloud Productivity, Advanced Hybrid Infrastructure solutions, Identity & Mobility Management, Security Monitoring and Compliance.

Your data is your business. In an ever-changing global landscape, your business needs to run without interruption. Ralliton’s solutions provides your business with the essentials to protect and provide availability against cyber threats and disasters. Ralliton provides the highest availability for your mobile workforce and offers the highest security and monitoring

If you are at the early stages of planning your cloud journey or looking to accelerate your existing cloud deployment to the next level, let Ralliton backed by its years of experience manage the entire process allowing you focus on your business.


The retail industry has changed over the past few years. Online shopping is beginning to edge out physical visits to establishments, and the ability to order products and have them delivered quickly is creating a large demand in shoppers for retail establishments to keep up with their fast pace and demand for seamless, easy and personalized shopping experiences.

In a customer-centric arena like the retail industry, it’s vital to maintain strong connections with customer desires, as well as keep employees engaged, with access to crucial information that helps to drive business.  Ralliton can help plan, build and operate solutions that are unique to the needs of the retail industry. Through technologies that help automate time-consuming tasks and discover game-changing data, you can gain deeper insights and an advantage over competitors.

Firstline Workers: Give essentials workers the communications tools they need to increase respond faster.

Customer Insights and Loyalty: Keep customers informed maintain high customer satisfaction.

Web Vulnerability Scanning: Prevent potential attacks and detect over 6500+ vulnerabilities in your web applications.

Modern Workplace: Modernize  departments communications and collaborations between frontline workers.


The complex nature of the manufacturing industry implies that firms that truly want to succeed and gain a competitive advantage over others while automating task and streamlining processes must embrace cloud computing.

Ralliton Cloud Solution for Manufacturing firms helps to organizations to reduce errors and operation cost, improve productivity, security and customer service, gain competitive advantage, enhanced quality, traceability, and genealogy to meet industry requirements. Our cloud solutions give room for better coordination and collaboration by using a single system for communication.

Firstline Workers: Give essentials workers the communications tools they need to increase respond faster.

Data Governance: Identify and control your data locations and data access.

Security and Response: Monitor and respond to national emergencies faster and secure.

Modern Workplace:  Modernize  communications and collaborations between suppliers and workers.