RALLITON is an award-winning managed cloud services company focused in the areas in of Cloud Productivity, Advanced Hybrid Infrastructure solutions, Identity & Mobility Management, Security Monitoring and Compliance.

Your data is your business. In an ever-changing global landscape, your business needs to run without interruption. Ralliton’s solutions provides your business with the essentials to protect and provide availability against cyber threats and disasters. Ralliton provides the highest availability for your mobile workforce and offers the highest security and monitoring

If you are at the early stages of planning your cloud journey or looking to accelerate your existing cloud deployment to the next level, let Ralliton backed by its years of experience manage the entire process allowing you focus on your business.


Cloud computing is penetrating so many sectors due to the benefits it offers. Across the world, governments and its agencies are trying in the best possible ways to present their services to citizens. Using technology is one of the most effective ways of doing this, and that is why the cloud is a great investment for the government.

Ralliton solutions help government agencies increase scalability, keep cost low while updating and protecting data. It also simplifies collaboration and allows government agencies, its employees and contractors access documents from anywhere in the world.

Modern Classrooms:  School management systems for teachers students and parents.

Remote Teaching & Learning:  Enable remote learning and collaboration between teachers and students.

Data Governance: Identify and control school and student data.

Enhance Experiences:  Giving students the power to experience new innovations and code platforms.