secure your Cloud Productivity Suite And Hybrid Infrastructure

with Ralliton and Microsoft Security Solutions

Your data is your business. In an ever-changing global landscape, your business needs to run without interruption. Ralliton's Microsoft security solutions provides your business with the essentials to protect and provide availability against cyber threats and disasters. Ralliton provides the highest availability for your mobile workforce and offers the highest security and monitoring .

Secure your Business, Technology and people today.​

Ralliton follows the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework approach validated by thousands of Microsoft Architects, partners and customers providing us with a set of tools, strategy and guidance that will help your business, technology and people work securely.

Ralliton Cloud Adoption Processes


Define business justification and expected outcomes.


Align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes.


Prepare the cloud environment for the planned changes.



Develop new cloud-native or hybrid solutions.


Govern the environment and workloads.

Ralliton Security Solutions

Ralliton's security solutions gives you the flexibility to decide on what is best for your Business. From the essentials protecting users and devices to defending your business against ever changing cyber threats.

Productivity Security

Solutions to Protect your Business Users

  • Identity & Device Management
  • Data Protection and Classification
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Ongoing Audit & Risk Awareness
  • GDPR Compliance Scorecard

Infrastructure Security

Protect your Business and Assets

  • Infrastructure Cloud Security Assessment
  • Security Dashboards and Monitoring
  • Unified Security Management
  • Turkey Defense

Monitoring and Response

Detect and Response against Cyber threats

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Monitoring and Alerts
  • Azure Active Directory
  • AI Threat Detection and Response
  • Next Gen SIEM

Secure your Business, Technology and people today.

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