Case Study: Leading Web Design and SaaS Operator Solutions.

Qobo provides high standard hosting services to its clients in collaboration with AWS and its support partner Ralliton.
Qobo utilises multiple servers for each project. This allows for a flexible and robust setup as web servers work differently from the database servers and having these applications on the same machine negatively affects performance.
Qobo servers are concealed from public access inside our Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). These servers do not have public IP addresses and are not available for direct connection. All traffic in and out goes through Qobo and Amazon load balancers, firewalls, and other infrastructure to ensure peak performance and hardened security.
Utilizing automated procedures for server provisioning, configuration, monitoring and backups. This minimises human error and maximises the reliability of such procedures.
Having an automated monitoring system (Zabbix) which continuously checks that all infrastructure and applications are working properly. In case of any warnings or failures, automated notifications are sent to the appropriate people, and if insufficient or no action is taken, the issue is escalated.
We provide robust backup procedures. All servers and applications are backed up daily. For systems that have a lot of data changes, we can provide additional backups. We implement a rotation process, where we keep daily backups for a week, weekly backups for a month, and monthly backups for a year. Backups are also synchronised offsite, to prevent any chance of a data loss from the Amazon AWS side.
Working with a reliable local AWS partner Ralliton we are able to continue to provide highest level support and hosting services for our platform.

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