3 real-life lessons in transforming learning with technology

Want to drive student-led learning initiatives in your school? See how many districts have already piloted this change. #MicrosoftEducation #EducationalTechnology #K12 #Windows10

Student-centered opportunities and experiences help students get in touch with who they want to be and what they want to accomplish in the world. However, these approaches to learning are high in demand, but also low in supply.

What’s more, school districts today are challenged with accommodating a wide variety of students with different learning abilities. Fortunately, Windows 10 devices help students, of all skill levels, collaborate, communicate, and express their creativity.

Use this gated eBook to demonstrate how Windows 10 devices help enhance students’ stake in the learning process. Customers will learn about successful, district-wide implementations where schools took a data-driven approach to drive greater learning outcomes.

View: 3 real-life lessons in transforming learning with technology

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